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US Coin Gallery

Coins for the serious investor and the casual collector. 

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US Coin Gallery Investment Program

We offer low buyer premiums, with full return privileges. By using our vast buying leverage, we often will make your bulliion investment purchase at the lowest spot price of the month.

Click the link below to send us some basic information about your goals and we can provide you with a fully detailed monthly program to add a bullion investment to your portfolio. Our selections will help you achieve the maximum return with the lowest possible inital acquisition cost.

Your purchase is charged to your credit card each month, and if you are ever dissatisfied with any item, we will offer equal or better replacement, or refund the charge immediately up on return. You may stop the program at any time.

Stay in the program for one year, and receive a Free Silver Eagle.

Our investment programs start at $25 per month for gold, silver, or platinum purchases. We also offer open ended programs, such as the purchase of one gold eagle per month, generally at the lowest spot price of the month.

Delivery is by insured US mail or private courier. Or you can stop on by, say Hi, have a cup of coffee with us, and pick up your investment coin yourself. We also offer onsite certified storage for your protection.

There is no obligation to receive a sample program, and your absolute privacy is assured!

Click here to receive your custom investment program.

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