US COIN GALLEY JFK Half rolls special sale
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JFK Half Dollar Coin Investment Grade Starter Sets

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JFK Kennedy Half Dollars are among the top designs of all US coins and are fast becoming both a collectors favorite and a great investment vehicle.

JFK coins are soaring in value, see the chart: JFK Values

The JFK series includes a series of Silver coins, of the early years of 90% and 40% issues, many have been melted down for the silver value, with the rest of the silver issue mostly all in collectors hands.

Since the US Mint production issues in limited production since 2002 ( around 2-3 million per year ) and with limited aand restricted distribution, complete JFK sets are becoming very difficult to assemble.

And creating a complete set of JFK Halves from circulation is almost impossible. Many, even most, circulating Kennedy Halves are being systematically damaged by handling equipment. See the evidence here: JFK Coin Damage Report!

US Coin Gallery has put together several different options to purchase Kennedy Halves at great prices!

JFK Half Set Special Offer

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